Friday, February 24, 2012

Unexpected Things

Since starting my new job, I have learned a myriad of things, some expected and some not.

Things I now know which I didn’t before include such things as how to log cored section of rock, what a “water dipper” is and how to use it, what a “diff breather” is and why it is a bad thing if water gets in there, and that the mobile coffee shop comes early on Tuesdays and late on Wednesdays. These are all important things and very relevant to my current role. I have also learned things that I could never have imagines. I will share two of those things with you. Perhaps they may be useful to you, though I can’t really imagine how. Firstly, cows love, and I mean REALLY LOVE drillers grease. They adore the stuff. They will push through sturdy fences just to get a taste. They will lick the threads of your drilling rods completely clean, if given the chance. They will also happily consume an entire 3kg bucket full of the stuff. Secondly, don’t leave aluminium foil in the rain. Don’t get a roll of it wet, don’t drop it in your washing up water, in a puddle or in the pool. If you do, don’t even try and rectify the soggy situation. Just throw the roll in the garbage bin and cut your losses.