Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Random Musings

Firstly, I apologise for the distinct lack of postings I have made. Life has been rather chaotic, of late. My husband and I just bought a house and we will be moving in a week! (Excuse me a moment while I hyperventilate). Today, I would like to share with you a few pearls of (what I believe to be) culinary wisdom.

1. Most things are better with bacon. Take a toasted cheese sandwich, for example. Pretty good, but nothing special. A cheese and bacon toasted sandwich, on the other hand, is a little bit of heaven.

2. Those things that are not better with bacon, can often be made better with whipped cream. Preferably chantilly cream.

3. If you can find a healthier version of something, use it... As long as it doesn't significantly alter the integrity or original intention of the dish. If the original intention of your dish is to give your "favourite" neighbour a heart attack so he doesn't keep leaving his gate open and letting it bang really loudly in the wind and waking your teething baby that you've only just got down for a nap after being awake with her screaming half the night, the go for the full fat sour cream instead of the light stuff. Also don't skimp on the butter and bacon grease. If you are making a cake for your real favourite neighbour, who suffers from diabetes, don't hessitate to use 100%fruit spread instead of sugary jam. Whole wheat pasta is also an acceptable substitute for regular white pasta. Using equal, instead of sugar when the recipe calls for creaming butter and sugar is NOT an acceptable substitute.

4. Don't mess with it. When you find something that works and works well, don't discard it with the hopes that you will find something better. Chances are you will not find something better. It's ok to experiment. In fact, I whole-heartedly encourage it, but if you find something you really love, stick with it.

5. Try and eat a variety of colours. And I don't mean eat a bag of Skittles every day! Colours are natural indicators of vitamins. If you have just meat and potatoes on your plate, you are really missing out in the colour and vitamin department. Even if you don't like veges, start of with something simple - zap some frozen peas or corn (or both) in the microwave before serving your meal. If you don't like the taste, a litle butter and black pepper, or some sauce or gravy could help you along.

6. If you make something that tastes crappy, don't make it again, but also don't get too dispondant. Get back on that horse. Try again. Practice doesn't make perfect (there ain't no such thing), but it ain't gonna hurt either.
That's all from me.
Happy cooking