Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Make extra

Just a brief post for today:
My next big tip for cooking is "make extra" - what do I mean by this and what is the point?
When you are making certain foods, it is often just as easy to make a little bit more - pasta sauces, casseroles, herb butters, garlic bread and things that freeze well are all relatively easy to make extras of. Just make a double or even triple batch of whatever, put the extra into containers, label and freeze. Complete meals can be frozen eg. Lasagna; or parts of meals such as pasta sauce, where all you have to do is defrost and heat the sauce and boil some pasta - dinner takes 7 minutes to make. And if you have a frozen garlic bread that you can chuck in the oven, even better!
Other good examples of partial meals are:
- Taco/burrito meat - that can be used as intended or to make beef nachos
- Bolognaise sauce - used for pasta or pasta bake when topped with cheese
- Seasoned beef and mushrooms in gravy - to make into pie